EP-M150 Metal 3D Printer

Direct Metal Fusion 3D Printer
EP-M150 Metal 3D Printer

The EP-M150 uses a fiber laser to directly melt elemental or alloy metal powders to form complex structures and parts. The EP-M150 has a variety of small metal applications in fields such as, material development, medical implants, dental, and jewelry.

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High Precision Printing Quality & High Efficiency


∙ Small laser facula and thin layer thickness guarantee more precise printing quality.
∙ Intelligent powder coating method and faster scanning speed.
∙ Unique scanning path and oxygen control assure high-quality printing.




Low-cost operation

· 500 crowns printed using only 1KG of powder
· Improved powder feeding and sieving system enables high material utilization
· Gas consumption≤1L/min (Printing period)
· Optimized chamber structure and excellent sealing properties minimize gas consumption

Easy Maintenance

· Intuitive user interface
· Optimized structure design for easier maintenance

High Safety

· Integrates more than 10 security technologies
· Working environment and real-time gas monitoring